Top 10 best food you should eat to lose weight

Top 10 Best Foods You Should Eat to Lose Weight

It is possible to lose weight without the use of a single food, however, there are a variety of healthy options that can be beneficial when consumed as part of an overall balanced diet.

Not only are these foods enjoyable to consume as part of meals or snacks, but they are also high in fiber and protein, which can help to maintain a fuller state for longer periods of time. Including these foods in your weekly meal plan is an easy way to maximize the benefits of your diet.

Utilizing these ten best foods can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Additionally, medical weight loss clinics like WildberryMD in Tucson can provide tailored weight loss programs to help you achieve results quickly.

1. Chia Seeds

When it comes to losing weight fiber is king. It helps to satisfy us by slowing digestion and making us fuller for longer. This is especially crucial when we are cutting our calorie intake, which is a common weight-loss strategy. A serving of chia seeds (about two tablespoons) provides 40 percent of the daily fiber requirement.

Foods like breakfast pudding, berry jam, and energy balls are simple to integrate into meals, especially breakfast and snacks. Bonus: chia seeds are one of the most effective foods for helping you go on.

2. Whole Grains

Many people believe they need to avoid carbs like pasta, bread, and rice to lose weight. Thankfully, if we eat whole grains most of the time, this is not the case. Whole grains, such as whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, and quinoa, include fiber in addition to vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, which help us feel full.

Furthermore, while our bodies and brains prefer carbohydrates for energy, eating these foods with protein and healthy fats will help reduce cravings for refined carbs and sugar, sabotaging weight-loss efforts.

3. Leafy Greens

Kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards, and some others are examples of leafy greens.

They have several features that allow them to be ideal for a weight-loss diet, including low calorie and carbohydrate content and high fiber content.

Leafy greens are an excellent way to enhance the volume of your meals without adding calories. Numerous studies show that low-energy-density meals and diets cause people to consume fewer calories overall.

4. Fermented Foods

Gut health is a popular trend now, and with good reason. A healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract may aid in improving fat burning in addition to supporting immunity and proper digestion. So, in addition to consuming prebiotics (including bananas, asparagus, beans, and onions), which give fuel for our healthy gut “bugs,” aim to include a few bites or sips of probiotic-rich foods per day. Kefir and yoghurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, and tempeh are all great sources of probiotics.

5. Pistachios

A healthy weight-loss diet can include any nut. Because of the healthy fat, fiber, and protein content, they are filling and satisfying. However, portion control is essential because a serving of nuts (about 14 cups) contains 160 and 200 calories. Pistachios are one of the lowest-calorie nuts, with a serving size of 160 calories.

Pistachios provide several health benefits in addition to being delicious. According to research, these pretty green nuts can help prevent type 2 diabetes, increase intestinal health, and lower cholesterol levels. Moreover, eating them two or more times a week may help you avoid gaining weight in the future. We recommend buying pistachios with shells so you may shell them as you eat them.

Top 10 best food you should eat to lose weight

6. Tuna

Tuna is a nutrient-dense food that is high in protein and vitamins while having a low-calorie count. It is an excellent alternative to processed meats and cheeses, and it is also relatively inexpensive. Tuna is a nutritious food that is simple to pack for lunch. It is a common staple of a weight-loss diet for a good reason.

If you are buying canned tuna, make sure it is wrapped in water rather than oil. Flavored oils add many calories to your diet that you do not need. Tuna canned in water has a low-calorie count of 142 calories per can and is a protein source.

Breaking down protein burns more calories than breaking down carbohydrates and fats in the human body. Therefore, to efficiently reduce weight, you must increase your protein intake while lowering your carbohydrate intake.

7. Apple

Fruits, like vegetables, are an excellent addition to any healthy weight-loss plan. Apples are beneficial to have on hand during the week because they are cheap, keep for weeks in the fridge, and make great portable snacks. You can also be creative and include them in your meals. Apples taste best on salads and toast, as well as in soups and smoothies. In addition, apples have low calories and fill due to their high water content and fiber (be sure to eat the skin).

8. Chocolate

A healthy weight-loss diet that is also sustainable is more likely to be effective. Deprivation of some meals or food categories, according to research, might appear in severe cravings and indulging after avoiding the foods for a while. Including foods you enjoy, but perceive to be off-limits at first, such as chocolate, may help you stick to a weight-loss plan. Including an ounce of dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao content or higher) in your diet could be just what you need to stay on track. You will also take advantage of its heart-healthy and mood-boosting perks.

9. Egg

The egg is the perfect protein, especially when it comes to losing weight. When eaten for breakfast, Eggs have been shown to enhance weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet. Additionally, eating enough protein-rich foods like eggs for breakfast may keep evening snack cravings at bay. They are also economical and versatile enough to meal-prep ahead of time for weekday snacks and lunches or to top a power bowl for dinner. 

10. Avocados

Avocados seem to be included in almost every diet plan. What is the explanation for this? They have a buttery texture that adds richness to meals and snacks, as well as a one-two punch of healthy fats and fiber.

Even though avocados have more calories than other fruits and vegetables, research shows that avocado eaters—those who eat about half an avocado each day in addition to a balanced diet—had lower body weights and waist measurements. While avocado toast is always a winner, there are many other ways to enjoy avocados throughout the day.

Final Word

The ideal foods for weight loss are high in nutrition yet low in calories, promoting optimum health and allowing you to follow your calorie limit. In addition, foods that help minimize hunger or cravings are also excellent choices for staying on track. 

Eating a well-balanced diet with adequate fiber and protein can help you lose weight in a healthy way (1 to 2 pounds per week). Therefore, Plan on including these ten foods as meals and snacks in the coming weeks to help you healthily achieve your weight-loss goal. Using these top 10 best foods.

The author provides this article is Dr. Samreen Khan

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