Detoxification, How to keep one Physical, Mental Well Being

Detoxification, How to keep one Physical, Mental Well Being

Detoxification, We all know that no one can remain young forever. The aging process begins the moment you are born. You, me everyone in fact all of us on this planet are aging every second. Aging is universal, but the rate at which we age is not. That is what is really in our control. We can slow down the biological clock by correcting our eating and living and thinking habits.

Aging occurs when our cells are damaged by continuous attacks from free radicals. Free radicals are bachelor oxygen molecules with a missing electron. If an atom or a molecule has an unpaired electron, it can become highly reactive and unstable. It seeks to become stable again by grabbing another electron. (From the cell membrane) thus damaging neighboring cells.

Many things contribute to free radical production for e.g.
– When you have an infection, your body generates a burst of free radicals.
– When you smoke you generate free radicals.
– Emotional stress, too much exercise, pollution, exposure to sunlight, exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Makes your body produce more free radicals.

These free radicals make you age faster & lead to degenerative diseases like high blood pressure & cancer.

Here are a few tips to stay young forever.

Detoxify the body:

  • Inner cleansing or detoxification. Is a process of clearing toxins from the body thereby cleansing it of mucus and congestion. It is important as an overall lifestyle and needs specific dietary changes. It is an important tool in treating obesity as obesity is always associated with toxicity. Almost everyone needs to detoxify from time to time.
  • People who lead a life of excesses & those who eat excessively at night need to detoxify twice a year. People with toxicity symptoms like; headaches, congestion, backaches, digestive problems, and allergies will benefit greatly from detoxification.

Begin drinking a glass of vegetable juice every day.

  • Raw vegetable juices like carrot juices, amla juices, and mixed vegetables. Juices are full of known and unknown antioxidants & enzymes that help to remove toxins and digest food better.
  • Consume antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and selenium. By including fruits & vegetables, nuts, and seeds in your daily diet.

Detoxify the mind:

  •  This can achieve through practices like pranayama, yoga, meditation, and speech control. Practicing this helps to detoxify the mind. However, this process helps you stay clear of negative emotions. This has an immune-boosting effect and helps preserve the body.
  • Get in shape: It is an important aspect of looking good and staying healthy. Consuming fewer also slows down the aging process. Exercising
  • Make sure you exercise at least five times a week for 30 to 40 minutes. Sweating releases stored toxins and aerobic exercises help improve digestion & metabolism.
  • Control stress: It is said that your mind is the biggest contributor to disease. Stress suppresses the immune system and makes you age faster.
  • Try to develop a loving relationship with your family, friends, spouse, and pets. Love makes life meaningful. It has healing energy. It is a powerful stimulant of the immune system. 

In Conclusion

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