oo many obligations and not enough me time could leave your body feeling off-kilter.

Your Body, 8 Ways to Achieve Emotional Balance

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Having too many responsibilities and not enough time for oneself can lead to a state of imbalance in the body. These anytime, anywhere strategies can help you to become more grounded in a short period of time. Life can be unpredictable and when things go wrong, we may feel overwhelmed.

If you have recently experienced increased levels of melancholia, tension, and anxiety, there are many things you can do to help you feel more grounded. Below are eight strategies to help you maintain emotional balance, which range from gratitude to staying connected.

Here are 8 Ways you can Achieve Emotional Balance.


1.  Sing out, sister.

Whether it’s your favorite spiritual from Sunday service or a power ballad by Beyoncé, singing along can boost your mood and your immune system, according to a German study.

Next time you have the urge to belt out a tune, let your voice soar, even if you are in a choir of one.


2.  Tune in to your Zen.

Mindfulness meditation the practice of consciously directing your attention to the present moment reduces blood pressure and increases a sense of well-being, according to a paper published in Perspectives on Psychological Science.

You can get your om on anywhere, says Ghylian Bell, founder of the Urban Yoga Foundation in New York City.

Close your eyes and concentrate on the sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale naturally.

“If your mind wanders, let the thoughts play out without judgment until you come back to the breath,” says Bell.

Furthermore, “By focusing on breathing, you tap into your body’s ability to self-regulate and heal.”


3.  Always wear a happy face.

This is one instance where it doesn’t pay to fake it. A Michigan State University study found that workers who flash a real rather than phony smile could boost their sense of joy.

The reason? A genuine grin requires you to tap into a pleasant memory or positive thought, which researchers theorize may result in an increase in mood-boosting dopamine levels.


4.  Get into the game.

Therefore, don’t think of a session of playing Bejeweled or Words with Friends as a waste of time.

Research conducted at East Carolina University found that people who play casual video games for 30 minutes had a 50 percent decrease in depression, a 55 percent decrease in anger, and a nearly 50 percent decrease in tension compared with non-gamers.

The positive feedback you receive from the game may trigger your body’s relaxation response, while the concentration required to master it can distract from distress, say, researchers.


5.  Hug it out.

Also, A quick cuddle with a loved one can lower your stress, according to investigators at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

They measured the blood pressure and heart rate of nearly 100 couples before and after requiring them to undergo a stressful event-delivering a speech.

The pairs engaged in ten minutes of hand-holding followed by a quick hug before going onstage.  Had lower blood pressure and heart rate than those who had no contact with the African Americans; tested recording the greatest decrease in stress levels.

Furthermore, Even if you’re not planning to go in front of an audience anytime soon.  Take time to dole out the hugs to your partner, mom, child, or best friend you’ll both feel better.

“Stress acts as an accelerator: it will push you either forward or backward, but you choose which direction.”

6.  Rocking away stress.

Turns out rocking chairs aren’t just for soothing babies and sipping lemonade.  A University of Rochester study found that older citizens who rocked for 80 minutes daily experienced fewer symptoms of anxiety.

Moreover,  People of all ages may benefit from the gentle swaying, says Nancy M. Watson, Ph.D., R.N., the study’s author. No rocker? No problem.

Although Mimic the motion in any chair, or even sitting cross-legged on the floor, to reap similar benefits.


7.  Take a hiking trip.

Clear your mental slate by taking a break to do something as simple as going for a walk during lunchtime instead of grabbing a quick sandwich at your desk.

“The change of scenery combined with the increased heart rate from the movement will relax your body and ease your mind,” says Tiffany D. Sanders, Ph.D., a psychologist in Naperville, Illinois.


8. Unplug Your Body.

Finally, Cultivate a sense of calm by enjoying an hour without electronic noise. Switch off your cell altogether or at least temporarily put it in silent mode, shut down your computer, and turn off your TV.

Therefore “Taking a break helps you recharge, refocus and re-energize yourself;” says Sanders. “It gives your body a chance to relax and hear your inner thoughts.”

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