Bloating-How To Control it-Late-Night Dinners are Major Causes

Bloating, How To Control it | Late-Night Dinners are Major Causes

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Bloating is a phenomenon in which you feel swelled up causing abdominal uneasiness. One out of three people in India suffers from bloating due to the unhealthy lifestyle followed here. Spicy food, salted snacks, and late-night dinners are major causes.

Stomach bloating is a condition that can be avoided easily by following the pointers mentioned below.

How To Control Bloating

Bloating, how to control the Late-Night Dinners are Major Causes

Reduce Sodium

Sodium excess food causes water retention and thus, in turn, steers to bloating. It is the most common cause of bloating. When eating highly salty food try and drink more water so as to flush out the excess sodium.

Avoid hard-to-digest food

The next common cause of bloating consume hard-to-digest food like lentils and beans in large quantities. This undigested excess food causes gas. Work out more to counterbalance the excess intake of food. Also, consume a cooked form of such products than raw ones since the fiber in them gets easy to digest.

  Bloating-How To Control it-Late-Night Dinners are Major-Causes

Intake of Water

Water Retention is generally the main cause of bloating but that does not mean you should reduce the consumption of fluids. Instead, you should consume more fluids to push the water that your body is holding onto along with the toxins that are causing water retention.

Eat Slow

Eating fast and not chewing food properly causes air swallowing which is again a reason for bloating. Always take your own sweet time to have a meal. Make consumption of food a more satisfying experience by thoroughly chewing the food let it nourish your body.

Frequent Meals

You might have heard hundreds of benefits of having 5-6 meals a day. Add to it one more benefit; frequent small meals reduce bloating.

Bloating, How To Control it-Late-Night Dinners are Major Causes

Anti-bloating food and drinks

Foods like yogurt, peppermint tea, ginger, pineapple, and parsley are said to help de-bloat. One can always give them a try, after all, they are healthy and are providing an additional benefit to the body.

Reduce Carbohydrates

Carbs tend to attract three times as much water as protein does. Make sure to include protein in every meal for two basic reasons: one, it keeps you satisfied for a longer period of time, and second, helps in cutting down the intake of carbs hence less water retention.


Medical Causes

Allergies can cause bloating. So if you feel bloated frequently even after cutting down on junk and high-salt food consult your doctor. Last Word: Always remember it’s a condition of water retention and not a cause for your weight gain. Reducing bloating does not mean instant weight loss. It is just a medical condition in which the body holds onto the water making you uneasy and uncomfortable. In order to lose extra flab and weight, the only rule that applies is to work out and eat clean; there is no shortcut.

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