Satvik Diet, Yogic Diet,Top Health Benefits For Why To Start

Satvik Diet | Yogic Diet | Top Health Benefits For Why To Start

 Hi all, You have all heard the buzzword, “Detox”. What do you really want to achieve out of that? Some say weight loss, and people like me say, healthy skin and a healthy colon. I will divide this topic into two parts, the first being the Satvik diet. And the second is the Kosher diet. All these originate from Yoga. Yogis often dictate this kind of diet, which includes fresh vegetables, no alcohol, and of course no smoking.

Satvik foods are those that are healthy, fresh, light, easy to digest, and calming to the mind. They don’t pressurize your digestive system. If you are trying to increase your fitness levels and overall well-being. And if you do yoga regularly and want the benefits to show. You must try the Satvik diet, which is nothing but simple vegetarian food.

Satvik foods promote focus and clarity of the mind, and you will not get any sugar rushes or mood swings. After eating a Satvik diet; Rice, milk, ghee, honey, beans, fresh fruits, and vegetables such as carrots, bottle gourd, and sprouts are considered Satvik foods. In a Satvik food diet, onions, garlic, and cauliflower are supposed to increase tension and promote lethargy, thus they are to be avoided.

Some health benefits of a Satvik diet:

1. Promotes a healthy colon and reduces problems of constipation and other related diseases:

I am not saying that you become a total yogi and become a very boring person, but some days in a week. You can easily have this kind of food and give your body rest. It is like fasting, where your digestive system gets much-deserving rest. My father started complaining of knee pain, and he is a mutton lover. The doctor suggested avoiding mutton, and he did for some time. The pain actually reduced. Similarly. Had a very bad stomach one day since I ate out for a couple of days, which I am not usually used to. I had severe pain in my legs and wondered what had happened. I took a rest for a day and ate light Satvik food and my leg pain was gone.

Food is eternally linked to our system, we need food to survive; but do we need that junk food, alcohol, that fizzy cola in our hand? No, you need basic water, and food to survive, but yes you do your greens, and pulses to keep you going. Thus, Satvik food promotes a healthy colon, which in turn helps you keep away from all the problems related to it.

2. Keeps your skin younger looking:

Satvik Diet-Yogic Diet-Top Health Benefits For Why To Start

The biggest criminal in your diet is white sugar, it really doesn’t do any good to your skin. If you want healthy glowing skin, adopt a day of Satvik food and notice the difference. I am a vegetarian by choice, I believe that meat-eaters can never understand that a Satvik diet makes you look younger by years. Therefore, this is just my opinion on meat-eaters. I have noticed it. And I am not excluding, fish; which consider healthy.

3. Keeps mind fresh:

Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Notice your diet, you may be avoiding all meals in a day to hog on a pizza after. But is it doing any good to you? Your energy levels will dip eventually, you need proper nutrition. Eating Satvik foods keeps your mind fresh and you remain happy. You always have a cool mind, as these foods do not disrupt your digestion.

4. Keeps you fit:

   Satvik Diet-Top Health Benefits For Why To Start

I do not support any kind of diet, whether it is Atkins or South Beach. I believe that eating what your mom has been giving you for many years, simple dal Chawal, Roti, and sabzi is the best bet for Indians. We are used to eating this and not pizza, burgers, etc. Indian food is the most fulfilling. Eat what your genes apply to and you will always be fit. And if you have been eating a lot of meat during these holidays, try to skip in between. Usually, Indians follow a particular day of skipping meat, and the precise reason is this 🙂


5. Keeps your joints and ligaments intact:

   Satvik Diet, Yogic Diet display in a bowl

The gases released by our body are due to the food we eat, many times the blockages lead to pain in the knee, legs, etc. I have seen my dad going through terrible knee pain. Therefore, the best way to counter this is to do moderate exercise as recommended by your physiotherapist. And along with that follow a simple diet with foods that are easy to digest. Avoid anything which is a package, eat fresh, and have a lot of greens. You won’t need medicines at all if it is in an early stage.

Till then, eat simple and show those dimples 😉

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