Bodyweight exercise, muscle-up, and Yoga. If you’re serious about changing your body. Is a great skill that demonstrates upper body strength.

This exercise A.K.A. muscle-up is a type of advanced strength training exercise that falls under the category of calisthenics. It is a combined routine consisting of a radial pull-up and a dip. There are variations for both the rings and the bar.

The muscle-up starts with the arms extended above the head. Clutching an overhand pull-up hold. The hold is typically performed on a chin-up bar or gymnastic rings.

The arms then lift the torso up explosively in a radial pull-up. Which is faster than a standard pull-up. When the bar gets close to the upper chest. The wrists bend quickly to bring the forearms above the bar. By contracting the triceps, the torso is leaned forward and the elbows are straightened.