Exercise Precautions For Beginners | Reduces the Risk of Injury

Exercise Precautions For Beginners, Reduce the Risk of Injury

It is very important to take care of your form while doing exercises. Most of the injuries happen because of the wrong form instead of lifting heavy. I have seen many people doing very basic mistakes while doing very common exercises which they do almost every day. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. You may have read how to avoid injury at the gym, if not read it here.

Exercise Precautions For Beginners

Sit-ups – While doing sit-ups, I see people trying to bring their faces close to their knees. Instead, you should try to bring your chest close to your knees, keeping your head in line with your spine. The result of bringing your head close results in a rounded back and all the back-related problems. Your back should be completely straight while doing this.



Exercise Precautions For Beginners Woman working out lifting weights at the gym.



In the picture above, I have shown you the posture of a deadlift because I could not find an image for situps, but this concept of the rounded and straight back is the same for all the exercise precautions.

 Pushups – The same is applicable to pushups.



Exercise Precautions For Beginners | Reduces the Risk of Injury



The girl on the right is doing it wrong and the one on the left is doing it right. Try to stick your glutes out while doing this move. See, this is what the girl on the left is doing. This will make sure you are doing it right in exercise precautions.

Standing Calf raises – This is a move that has given me some problems to me lately.



Exercise Precautions For Beginners, Bodyweight-Standing-Calf-Raise-Calves-small



If you observe, this move makes you stand on your toes, exactly like how you stand when you wear heels and puts a lot of pressure on your ankles.

If you feel any sort of pain in your ankles while doing this move, I would suggest doing this move with a half range of motion. So, go only halfway up. That means if you are supposed to do 20 full reps, do 40 half reps. same intensity, but without the risk of injury.

Jumping exercises –

For any jumping exercise, don’t land flat on your heels, try to land on your toes. Landing on heels may cause problems in your heels, ankles, and back

Shoulder joints –

Rotator cuff warm-up is a simple move that you can do before starting any shoulder exercise. This warms up your internal shoulder muscles hence reducing the chances of injury.

I have provided a link above where multiple exercises have been shown. You could choose to do any one of the first two as they are simple but effective and instead of the rope that he uses, you could use a 1kg dumbbell.

Hamstrings –

These are the muscles that most easily cramp while doing exercises. Do a few stretching moves for your hamstrings when you are going to do exercises that will involve your hams. In fact, I would suggest you do a full-body stretch before and after your workout to prevent injury. It takes a total of 10 minutes but keeps you safe.

Warm-up and hydration –

Do a few warm-up exercises like jumping jacks or lateral hops or rotator cuff movement after pre-workout stretching and before you start the actual routine. It will prepare your body for the workout, Read about them here.

Also, keep yourself hydrated all the time. Drink almost half a liter of water half an hour before going to the gym and while working out, keep sipping small amounts after some time.

Dry muscles are the main reasons for sudden cramps and fatigue that many people experience while working out.

So, ladies, these were a few tips that if incorporated reduce the risk of injury while working out.

 Stay strong 🙂



Exercise-Precautions-For-Beginners-squats for-booty


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