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Longest Lifespan, The secrets of Japan’s high life expectancy

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A recent statistic in the World Bank Group. States that the Japanese have the longest lifespan in the world. Japanese men live to be 78 years old on average while the average lifespan of a Japanese woman is 85. How do the Japanese do it?

After personally experiencing the Japanese lifestyle in Tokyo for five years. I learned a little about why Japanese people live so long and will share some of their secrets. This month will feature.

Part 1: It is All in the Food.

Part 1: It is All in the Food

The Japanese diet does not center on delicacies eaten solely for taste. In fact, most dishes are munch based on the health benefits people gain from them. Conscious decisions are based on ‘What would be good for me?’ As opposed to ‘What do I feel like eating?’ This leads one to contemplate what is the diet of the average Japanese person and what are their secrets.

Secret #1:

Eating fish instead of red meat lowers the risk of heart attacks.

For a source of protein, fish is a common staple in most meals. Red meat is significantly more expensive and less frequently consumed. Fish is healthier and the fresher it is the better. Keep in mind that not all fish in Japan is consuming raw. There are many ways that fish is prepared (grilled, baked, fried, poached, etc.) and served. Furthermore, Japanese women believe that the skin on fish helps bring out the natural beauty of their skin and improves their complexion.

Secret #2:

Soy products help reduce heart disease and high blood pressure and are a great source of protein.

Tofu and soy products are also staples in the Japanese diet. Considering that saturated fats from meat and dairy products increase cholesterol. It is encouraging to know that foods derived from plants such as soy have the opposite effect. Soybeans provide adequate protein without the saturated fat and cholesterol of meats and high-fat dairy. Soy sauce, tofu, and natto (soybeans mixed with raw egg served over rice). Here are a few examples of soy products munch daily.

Secret #3:

Wheat and buckwheat flour help in the digestive process.

The consumption of starches is at a minimum and usually contains no white flour. Japanese noodles are made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour. Both are significantly healthier than enriched white flour. Rice is a staple in the diet but consists of a small bowl at meals. The significance is to cleanse the mouth when changing dishes. Rice will remove the flavor in one’s mouth much like cheese and crackers when sampling wines.

Secret #4:

Smaller portions reduce the opportunity for excessive eating.

Traditional Japanese meals are about half the regular portion of western dishes. Even though most dishes are viewed as healthy, portions are still relatively small.

Secret #5:

Oolong tea counterbalances some of the effects unhealthy food has on the body.

Finally, the consumption of Japanese green tea or Chinese oolong tea served hot or cold, has numerous health benefits. Tea has half the caffeine of coffee. Oolong tea helps to break up oil in the digestive system and usually munch at mealtime. Particularly when fried or breaded foods are present.

These five secrets help to explain why the Japanese are so healthy and have the longest lifespan expectancy.

This low mortality is mainly attributable to a low rate of obesity, low consumption of red meat, and high consumption of fish and plant foods such as soybeans and tea. In Japan, the obesity rate is low (4.8% for men and 3.7% for women).

Part 2: Americans Are Ranked 54th In Life expectancy, will appear in our next article and will describe the daily life habits of Americans. If you have any comments or questions please send them to: [email protected].

Here is to your health! and a longer lifespan.

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