What Melissa Timmer, who lost 37kg, eats in a typical week

What Melissa Timmer, who lost 37kg, eats in a typical week

Melissa Timmer lost 37kg in just 18 months by following The Healthy Mummy’s 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge!

While she does enjoy a varied diet, Melissa Timmer says that she tries to avoid carbs like pasta, rice, and bread, as they make her feel bloated.

Melissa Timmer lost 37kg in just 18 months.

“My average day is basically a high protein diet, I tend to stay away from carbs as it bloats me things like pasta rice and bread,” says Melissa.

Here’s exactly what she eats in a typical week…

What Melissa Timmer, who lost 37kg, eats in a typical week

What Melissa Timmer eats each day to help her maintain her weight loss

Melissa has lost 37kg (down from 107 to 70kg) on The Healthy Mummy plan and gained so much body confidence.

This beautiful mum says she used to suffer from severe eczema, so bad that her skin would bleed and she could never wear short sleeves.

Since drinking the Healthy Mummy smoothies and going on a health kick, her eczema has gone!

melissa timmer smoothies

What Melissa has for breakfast:

“My mornings usually start off with some scrambled eggs, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms. I’ll tend to do a swap between this and the premium shake with some milk and water.”

What Melissa Timmer, who lost 37kg, eats in a typical week


  • Carrot sticks
  • Celery
  • Dips
  • Bliss Balls
  • Protein Shake
  • Healthy Mummy muffins

“Snacks usually consist of, mixed plates like carrot sticks, celery, dips, bliss balls or a protein shake or some muffins.”

What Melissa Timmer, who lost 37kg, eats in a typical week


  • Tuna or Chicken Salad
  • Healthy Mummy Smoothie

“Lunch is simple I usually do a shake or tuna or chicken salad. My salads are very generous I love to eat so I make sure my plate is as colorful as possible.”

What Melissa Timmer, who lost 37kg, eats in a typical week

Afternoon snack

“Afternoon tea consists of a coffee so important to keep me going through that sluggish time. I also love to snack on yogurt, berries, or muffins.”


Therefore, “Dinner is my fave meal of the day. We tend to love Mexican, a good serving of protein and veg, salads, Italian, or your traditional Aussie foods.”


  • Dark chocolate
  • Protein pancakes from the Healthy Mummy App.

“Dessert is either a few pieces of dark chocolate or some protein pancakes. I love how many options there are in the app for pancakes.”

Shredding the kilos


Melissa Timmer says when she was looking to shred the kilos she would always change up her routine.

“I did lots of high-intensity workouts, like HIIT, BOXING, and SPRINTING definitely got the kg off me. And adding weight sessions in between really toned and got me feeling a lot stronger,” she says.

“What I was fuelling my body with was the most important factor for me in shedding kilos. Having a plan and always having a good stock of basic ingredients like tuna, beetroot, baby spinach, almond milk, smoothies, protein powders, and rice cakes helped.”

Melissa Timmer, Shares Her Experience With The Keto Meal Plan

“This way I knew I could always throw something together if I was time short (which most days I am).

“Having those ingredients would leave me with a healthy snack or meal e.g. a great protein salad or smoothie. And of course, I always have my Healthy Mummy frozen meals if I’m wanting something more.”

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Melissa Timmer working out

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What Melissa Timmer, who lost 37kg, eats in a typical week

In Conclusion.

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