Premium Smoothie Recipes, 6 Delicious ways you MUST try

Premium Smoothie Recipes, 6 Delicious ways you MUST try

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If you are determined to get on top of your weight loss and health goals, smoothies can be an amazing tool! They are super easy to whip up. A complete meal replacement, low calorie, and the best part taste delicious! They make the perfect breakfast, providing you with an amazing blend of nutrients. To give you the best start to your day. They also make a great snack option, plus a complete meal replacement can replace any of your main meals.

Premium Smoothie Recipes.

Premium Smoothie Recipes, 6 Delicious ways you MUST try

There are 6 delicious flavors in our Premium smoothie range to choose from! Scroll down for more about why the Premium Range is so good plus 6 DELICIOUS Premiums Smoothie recipes to try!

Why Premium Smoothies?

The Healthy Mummy has a range of different smoothies available including our AMAZING Premium Smoothies!

Premium Smoothies are whey blend meal replacements that contain 80% whey protein. They have 24 vitamins and minerals AND probiotics for enhanced gut health. They’re also really creamy and smooth with a great texture. They are low carb with just 3.9g per serving. Therefore, will give you increased energy by providing you with the best possible nutrition,

In fact, ALL of the 6 Premium Smoothie flavors have been awarded a 5 STARS Healthy Star Rating! The Health Star Rating system rates. The overall nutritional profile of packaged food assigns it a rating from ½ a star to 5 stars. The more stars, the healthier the choice!

While the Premium range has really intense flavors, technically there’s no need to add anything else to your smoothie other than the milk of your choice. However, if you want to mix things up, try these delicious smoothie recipes using the Premium Smoothie Mix below!

6 Delicious Premium Smoothie Recipes

Banana Energy Smoothie – 310 calories

Start your day the right way with this delicious smoothie with the perfect taste combo of caramel and banana. Therefore, YUM!

Get the recipe!

Oat Boost Smoothie – 267 calories

Do you love to start your day with a coffee – then you’ll love the Espresso flavor! Adding a boost of oats will make you feel fuller for longer.

Get the recipe.

Sundae Brekky Smoothie  – 389 calories

With only a handful of ingredients, this Sundae Brekky Smoothie from the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge. Is the PERFECT start to the day (and not just on a Sunday!)

Get the recipe.

Double Choc Green Smoothie – 357 calories

Double Choc Green Smoothie on display.

Give your iron levels a boost with this delicious Double Choc Green Smoothie. Furthermore, Use the AMAZING Double Choc Premium Smoothie Mix.

Get the recipe.

Banana Coconut Smoothie – 300 calories

Banana Coconut Smoothie mix ready to be served.

This tasty smoothie is made from the Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie Mix. Tastes just like a Banana Sundae with a delicious hint of coconut.

Get the recipe.

Mighty Green Vanilla Smoothie –  267 calories

  Mighty Green Vanilla Smoothie mix on display

This Smoothie recipe includes spinach AND parsley, so you’ll be getting an extra boost of iron, Vitamin E, and magnesium.

Get the recipe.

In conclusion,

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