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Parineeti Chopra | Fat-to-Fit Workout, and Her Nutritional Diet

If you have seen the latest on Netflix, The girl on the train, then you will agree that despite her loud acting, Parineeti Chopra is looking pretty sharp. Like many other actresses, she too has a history of being heavier. Parineeti Chopra is one of the many Bollywood actresses who lost pounds to become fit from fat.

Parineeti Chopra Life

Parineeti Chopra | Fat-to-Fit Workout, and Her Nutritional Diet

Let’s see how Parineeti Chopra, cousin, and sister of the famous Priyanka Chopra lost her pounds. Here is the inspiring story of

Parineeti Chopra; Fat To Fit

Parineeti says that she gains weight very easily and so maintaining the weight is really important. Before coming to Bollywood, she used to be fat and really heavy at 125 pounds of weight. So what’s in her diet and what workouts does she do to become slim?

Parineeti Chopra weight loss


Below is a list of workouts that Parineeti prefers to do regularly. Other than the regular workouts she also does a few interesting activities which make us fit as well.

  • Every day early in the morning she goes jogging.
  • Followed by it, she does meditate for some time.
  • Regularly she does a few yoga exercises for about an hour.
  • To maintain weight and be fit always, she prefers cardio regularly.
  • Other than these regular exercises, she likes to swim and loves to run on the treadmill.
  • She also takes dance classes.
  • Horse riding is also one of her interests. This really needs lots of energy. Horse riders always stay strong.

Parineeti Chopra; Fat To Fit


Parineeti is very conscious about her diet since she gains weight easily. It’s really important to her to be healthy and fit always.

An example of her diet is given below.


She eats brown bread and butter with a glass of milk. She adds two egg whites and a glass of juice sometimes.


Brown rice, dal, and roti are in her lunch. She also adds green salad and green leafy vegetables.


A normal and simple food with very little oil, a glass of milk, and a glass of chocolate shake is in her dinner. She always prefers dinner two hours before going to sleep.

Like Sonam, she doesn’t seem to have trainers and for diet, she seems to take simple and 3 meals a day only. She lost weight with exercise and diet. Nothing much to disclose about her weight loss story. She recently lost 8kgs n a month for another movie. Actors keep on changing their figures based on the demands of the role. Losing 8kgs in a month isn’t advisable but yet following a proper diet and daily workouts can do the job for you but slowly. Never try to lose weight all of a sudden in a short time period.

See how stunning she looks now!

Parineeti Chopra-stunning-new-look

Parineeti Chopra IIFA awards winner

Parineet Chopra IIFA awards winner

Therefore, Let’s follow Parineeti Chopra and drop dress sizes 🙂 !

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