How Sascha combatted the excuses and lost 30kg

How Sascha combatted the excuses and lost 30kg

“I would love to say there’s a quick no-fail list for this but I’m afraid there isn’t. I also used to think, if you want it bad enough, you’ll do it – I now have to disagree that it’s that simple when it comes to health and fitness,” says Sascha.

“Not many realize how deep things run. I’m talking about self-sabotage, self-belief, and self-worth. If we don’t feel worthy, we will self-sabotage. If we don’t have self-belief, we will find it hard to keep going.”

With all that in mind, along with being a busy, time-poor parent, Sascha runs through a few realistic ways to combat excuses.

Sascha 30kg

1. Discipline

“It comes down to exercising your discipline muscle. Ask yourself: What are my goals? Is what I am doing daily allowing me to reach those goals?

Or in those moments of choice – ask yourself what I’m about to do to serve your goals. I’m talking about those moments at the end of the day when you want to eat the house down.

Can you have a shower, walk around the block, or prep a batch of muffins instead?”

2. Create new habits, one at a time

“There’s no rush here. So pick 2 negative habits and create new ones. Do the 2 new habits for a month before introducing more. When we are stressed, tired, or unmotivated I fall back on our habit. So this is KEY

Be realistic. Set goals you CAN achieve.”

“For me, it helps to set the bare minimum e.g. workout 3 x a week. Drink 3L of water daily. Make a meal plan every week. Cook double of dinner and get my snacks prepared the night before each day,” says Sascha.

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3. Accountability

“Use the Challenge app to record food, exercise, and water. Use the private support groups and the check-in posts on offer. Get a buddy!”

“Follow fellow health mummies! You can find me on Insta – saschamummof4,” says Sascha.

How Sascha combatted the excuses and lost 30kg

4. Give yourself a break when you need it

“Take the pressure off when you or the kids are sick, overworked, stressed, etc. Find your bare minimum, know it, and do it when these times come as they will pass.

Don’t fall off a wagon when you can avoid getting on one in the first place by being realistic- see point 3!”

5. Find alternatives

“Choose an alternative when what you have planned or what you want to do just can’t happen. Just like we customize our meal plans, customize your days as they roll out, and customize your snacks if things aren’t working out that day. E.g. stuck at the shops longer than planned and starving?

Run into the supermarket and grab an apple and yogurt to tie you over! Raining outside? Do a lounge room workout! Therefore, There’s always a CHOICE.”

How Sascha combatted the excuses and lost 30kg

5. Do what works for you

“You do have time – it’s just how you use it. There’s no need for hours in the kitchen on Sundays if you don’t have that kind of time. Do what works for you.”

“I used to do the Sunday prep thing but these days I just can’t, so I use my time to suit me,” says Sascha. “I double dinner every night and while dinner is cooking I might pop a snack in the oven. Other nights I cook 2 dinners at once so the next day’s dinners are also ready!”

“Give yourself the time and space to figure out The Healthy Mummy for you and your family. The way that works for you is the way that’s going to work AND be long-term.

“It’s easy to feel like there’s a right way, I promise there’s not! Customizing everything to suit me still saw me lose and maintain over 30kgs,” Sascha adds.

Finally, Great tips, thanks, Sascha!

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