Body Transformation is about before and ‘after’ pictures that don’t fully capture a person’s physical metamorphosis. There is an amazing tale of how they started. On their road to a healthier self hidden behind those grins and brand-new gym gear.

You’re in the ideal location if you need some inspiration to make some positive changes to your way of life.

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These fitness success stories will motivate you to begin. Whether you’re considering giving weightlifting a try to lose weight. These women demonstrate how lifting weights may improve one’s physical and mental health.

How Sascha combatted the excuses and lost 30kg

“I would love to say there’s a quick no-fail list for this but I’m afraid there isn’t. I also used to think, if you want it bad enough, you’ll do it – I now have to disagree that it’s that simple when it comes to health and fitness,” says Sascha.

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