Lose weight WITHOUT exercising, woman demonstrating her exercise routine

Lose weight WITHOUT exercising, 8 simple ways how to

While exercise has many benefits, such as boosting your metabolism and keeping you physically as well as mentally healthy, it is a possible way to lose weight without exercising!

There may be many reasons why you can’t hit the gym or participate in exercises on the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge app. Maybe you’ve had an injury or operation or hurt from another health-related issue?

It’s important to remember that working out helps you burn calories and build muscle but it is NOT mandatory in order to lose weight.

In fact, there are lots of ways to lose pounds without exerting yourself….

Lose Weight WITHOUT Exercising.

8 simple ways to lose weight without exercising

Can you lose weight without exercising?

Weight loss requires getting complete nutrition with fewer calories than you burn. This may sound simple, but many people focus too heavily on dramatically reducing their calorie intake and crash dieting. This is impossible to maintain for any prolonged period of time.

Often, when you restrict your food intake, you can end up piling the weight back on because you feel hungry and are more likely to eat more when you do eat to satisfy those hunger pangs!

Here are eight sensible ways you can lose weight without any exercise…

1. Don’t eat above or below your BMR calories

If you’re trying to lose weight, you want to make sure it’s in a healthy and sustainable way, like the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge plan. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories you’d burn if you stayed in bed all day.

This is an important number to know on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, firstly so you’re aware of how much you can eat and still lose weight, and secondly, so you know how much you must eat to stay healthy – you must never eat below your BMR calories, as this can send your body into energy-conserving starvation mode.

Calculate your BMR here.

2. Plan your meals in advance

Spending a little bit of time on a meal plan will help so much during the week. If you’ve made a plan for healthy meals and snacks for the week, done the shopping, and even got ahead with some meal prep on the weekend, you are so much more likely to stick to it!

Sascha meal prep motivation budget meal plan

Don’t forget to plan for healthy snacks. Eating the wrong snacks can easily de-rail weight loss success.

The 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge has heaps of healthy snacks to choose from.

3. Keep your WATER up!

Sometimes when you’re out and about and on the go, with a trusty water bottle in hand, it’s easy to remember to keep your water intake up.

Water is an integral part of weight loss, flushing out our system and keeping our digestive system in good shape.  To lose weight without exercising.

Keep your water bottle next to you and every time you feel like opening the fridge or grabbing a snack, take a big gulp of water. Water can help you stop overeating as we sometimes mistake hunger for thirst. Grab a 2-liter water bottle and try to get through it during the day so you know how much you’ve drunk.

15 ways to up your water intake 

4. Go to bed 10 minutes earlier

5 ways to MAINTAIN a flat tummy

According to research, if your body isn’t receiving enough sleep, hunger cravings and mood disruptions can occur more frequently.

Simply heading to bed just 10 minutes earlier can help your overall sleep patterns. Keep you on track with your goals and improve how you feel during the hours you are awake.

5. Take deep breaths

Simple breathing exercises that allow the diaphragm to contract properly. Can help you to increase oxygen in the body, improve metabolism and support weight loss.

Try yogic breathing for 10 minutes per day by breathing in through your nose and allowing the belly to rise fully. Then, slowly breathe out through your mouth relaxing the chest and belly.

Or try one of the audio meditations in the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge App. Diaphragmatic breathing can improve circulation, reduce stress, curb food cravings, increases the uptake of oxygen, and increase the body’s fat-burning potential.

6. Drink our Healthy Mummy Smoothies

These are the perfect solution to the busy mum’s breakfast and/or lunch and take just two minutes to make.

They give your body essential nutrients including protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. And will keep you full and satisfied until snack time. Plus, they’re breastfeeding friendly and are 96 percent sugar-free and 100 percent fructose and artificial sweetener-free.

Buy your smoothie tub here!

7. Avoid the triggers

If you have certain people or situations that lead to poor food choices, it’s time to make some changes. If you always grab Chinese with a colleague for lunch or always head to a café for a chocolate mud cake with a girlfriend – you need to nip those bad habits in the bud right away.

Make suggestions for healthier options – why not take turns bringing in a healthy lunch for you and your colleague?

It’s important to notice the triggers that lead to poor choices, and then turn them on their head so that they are no longer an issue

8. Cut out one thing at a time

8 simple ways to lose weight WITHOUT exercising

If you feel as though your junk food cravings are too big to tackle all at once, try cutting out one thing at a time.

You could start with a soft drink for the first week, then chips, then other favorites – all the while topping up what you do eat with new, tasty options so that you don’t feel as though you are missing out.

So if you really love blueberries, be sure to keep them in the house so that you can ‘indulge’ whenever you feel like it. If you love to dip, make your own healthy versions so that you can tuck in anytime.

Mum loses 14kg without exercise and reverses her health issues

Mum and granny loses 14kg without exercise and reverses her health issues

Christine Eccles was not able to lose weight without exercising regularly but she still joined the

28-Day Weight Loss Challenge, 

did the Keto meal plan, and has lost 14kg! Remarkably, she’s also managed to reverse some of her health issues.

 The Queensland-based grandma first discovered The Healthy Mummy in 2018 after reading the incredible

weight loss story of Cicily, who has lost 56kg through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“I ordered Healthy  Mummy SmoothiesSugar X, numerous clothing items, drinking cups, and snacks and I joined the 28 Weight Loss Challenge app and Facebook support group to access recipes and exercise videos,” she says.

“I was then diagnosed with Scleroderma, a rare and incurable autoimmune disease. Non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And although I used the smoothies regularly for the next few years. I was letting my disease take control and I spent most of the next few years inactive and in bed.”

Mum and granny loses 14kg without exercise and reverses her health issues

In Sept 2020, Christine, 49, was booked in for a hip replacement. And she says she knew that she had a choice, keep gaining weight or use the opportunity to control her eating, as exercise was not an option.

“By seeking advice from other Healthy Mummies, I decided on the ‘warm turkey’ approach, where you make changes slowly, in order to not feel restricted and give up early,” she says.

“I took two weeks to reduce rather than cut out takeaways, two weeks to reduce processed foods and meal sizes, and two weeks to cut out sugars and sweeteners.  After doing all that, I lost 5kgs with no exercise.”

These gorgeous mums are feeling happier and healthier than ever before!

Christine is a HUGE fan of the Keto recipes on the Healthy Mummy App

In Dec 2020, Christine started her first Challenge on the app, using the low-carb meal plan, then Keto.

“I was excited when The Healthy Mummy created a Keto menu. I still enjoy my Choc Fudge Smoothies and use Control X Berry and Sugar X on the occasions I have a craving,” she says.

“My typical day starts with bacon and egg variety dishes, chocolate and peanut butter cups, cheese, nuts, eggs or coffee cheesecake for snacks, caesar salad or smoothie for lunch and meat and green veggies for dinner (varieties).”

Christine’s health issues have improved dramatically

8 simple ways to lose weight without exercising

I might have lost 14kgs so far and over 25cm but the most important things. I have lost are the inflammation, pain, liver cirrhosis, leaky gut symptoms, and my negative thoughts and lack of moving,” she says.

“From XL to M and 18-20 to 14-16, off my anxiety medication and ready to start the Healthy Mummy 12 week challenge to lose the remaining 11kgs.”

Advice for other mums

1. Motivate yourself to lose weight without exercising

“My advice is not to wait for motivation, it can’t just be found. You need to make a change, acknowledge the change and then your motivation will appear to keep going.”

2. Move as much as you can

“Moving a little is better than nothing at all.”

3. Find someone to join with you

“I recently moved my daughter and grandson back home to help me and in the first week. She’s lost 5kg and she loves the tummy smoothies and has friends also now joining up. It’s great to do this journey together.”

Kick start your health with the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge!

28 Day challenge

Once you’ve had some well-earned sleep, join us on the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge!

With more than 4,000 delicious, healthy recipes, 350 exercises & 24/7 support – it is designed (and proven) to help busy mums like you lose weight! The 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge is literally like having a PT in your pocket.

To learn more about our challenge click here.

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